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Tips to manage hip Osteoarthritis

There are many ways to manage Osteoarthritis of the hip. We have taken a look at some of the steps you can take to make sure you are taking steps for a lot longer.

Manage your pain

If you are managing mild pain, over the counter pain relievers like Paracetamol can be very helpful. Worldwide medical guidelines recommend Paracetamol as an appropriate part of a pain management plan, especially for the hip pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

If you experience occasional flare ups of inflammation, your doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. Some people find that glucosamine supplements can be helpful to help ease and prevent joint pain - and you could also try heat therapy to relax muscles and relieve pain.

Exercise hip and leg muscles

Exercise is important for everyone, and even more so for people with Osteoarthritis of the hip. The right kind of exercise can help strengthen the leg and hip muscles, allowing for improved support of the hip joint. Some exercises also help to keep the hip joint flexible.

Many reports suggest low impact exercises as an excellent option - you could try cycling or swimming as a start. Remember, it’s important to ask your healthcare professional if there’s anything you should be doing - or anything you should be avoiding.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight significantly raises the risk of developing Osteoarthritis - so one of your first steps to managing your Osteoarthritis should be taking steps to lose some weight. Hip joints bear much of the brunt of being overweight. Maintaining a healthy body weight helps to ensure there’s no extra pressure bearing down on the hip joints, contributing to hip damage and pain.

Doctor knows best

Many people with Osteoarthritis of the hip will be given a management plan, but also a prescription for medication by their doctor. Should your doctor prescribe a certain medication and management plan, make sure you follow their advice.

There is a lot to think about as you start to manage Osteoarthritis, but most of it is pretty simple. If you have any questions about other joints, pinpoint your pain using our interactive tool on the home page.

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